Bofa Partners

Bofa Partners is incorporated early 2010 and is a full service financial services provider. We take care of several financial processes of our customers. Our team consist of highly-qualified financial professionals with experience in various business. Our professionals have a background in auditing, accounting or business administration. This unique combination makes that we can offer appropriate financial solutions for several projects and assignments.

Bofa Partners as a company stand for openness, fairness and integrity. We are a reliable partner for our customers, but also a caring employer for our employees. We are aware that our customers fully rely on us. Our goal is to add value to our customers delivering high quality financial services.

Our ambition and drive is intertwined in our organization and financial professionals. We always try to deliver high quality services and add value to our customers. With this attitude we earned our current status. A succesfull, solid company ready to assist wih any financial process.

Bofa Partners formulated key values. These are values we stand for. We conduct our services in accordance with these key values. Our key values are: quality, focus, integrity and service.