What we offer

Network of leading organizations

As interim professional you have many skills and experiences. Despite this it’s sometimes hard to find challenging assignments at leading organizations. In that case it’s comfortable to get support from a partner offering a broad network you can use. After subscribing at Bofa Partners you have access to this network and you will be able to search through the projects we offer. Finding a new, challenging assignment at a leading company will become much easier with Bofa Partners.

Many different projects

Within the project or assignment you work independent and there is oppoertunity for own initiative and entrepreneurship. As interim professional you are well qualified and employable on different areas of expertise on operational -, tactical – or strategic level. Most assignments require a combination of this.

Bofa Partners, the right partner for freelancers

Most important for Bofa Partners is to deliver quality solutions to our clients. That’s why we only work with professionals capable of delivering this quality. Bofa Partners is always looking for the best solution. for the best solution. We do this to make the best match between professionals in our network and profile and job description from our client. Keywords for making the right match are: intergrity, vigor, professionalism and communication.