Our approach

Profile and job description

In a personal conversation we determine together with you what is needed for a specific project or position. This is our starting point for creating a profile and job desciption. With this profile and job description we start our search to find the right professional for you.

Our network

Within our network we search for the right professional that fits the profile and job description the best. the best. We deliver you a list of highly qualified professionals within a few days. From this list you can select professionals for an interview.

Within the network of Bofa Partners, there are interim professionals with different experience and skills. Generally our professionals have much experience in the field. In addition most of them have in common a background at a big 4 accountancy firm. Through our network we are able to deliver highly qualified professionals on a short-term time frame.


From the list of highly qualified professionals you select the professionals you want to meet. We, in corporation with you, plan these interviews. Please notice that all proposed professionals are screened by Bofa Partners though in-depth interviews. Also facts and diplomas are verified.


After the interview you make the decision if the professional is suitable for the job or not. If you want a second interview, no problem, we will plan this for you. gesprek, ook dat is geen probleem.


Our prices vary according job and experience of the interim professional. Please contact us for a quote.


Bofa Partners remains responsible during the project for the final result. On a regular basis we contact you and the professional to discuss the progress. Because we are working in the field ourselves, we can deliver substantive support if needed. In that way we are different from other recruitment agencies.