Privacy statement


The Website is an addition to the services that Bofa Partners provides. Below, the privacy statement is provided for the network of our professional serving organization, and as well the liased entities. In this statement we desribed how we respect the privacy of all the visitors of our website. Bofa Partners aims to process any data with the necessary carefulness in order to protect the privacy of the visitor of our Website. We carry out the opinion that everyone should be able to use information whenever this information can be collected and used in a reponsible manner.

Special data of individuals

Bofa Partners does not aim to collect data of individuals by the use of this Website. The concept data of individuals contains the data of etnitical back ground, political conviction, religion. Also data relating to membership trade union, phycical or mental condition, sexsual nature, police record, personal tax data and financial data are part of this. Bofa Partners performs the necesarry in order to protect the confidentiality of this data. The access to these data is limited, there are strict process descriptions and procedures in place in order to avoid abuse and disclosure

References to third parties

It is possible that contains references to other Websites to which the privacy statement is not applicable. Bofa Partners does not provide statements or guarantees regarding the process of data of individuals that is stored and archived on servers of third parties. We advise you to take notice of all privacy statements of the Websites from third parties that you can access through You can check how your data of individuals are used.


The website of Bofa Partners uses special internet software in order to collect specific information of the use of the Website (like number of visitors per page, and the duration of visit) The goal of this is to measure how can fit best the needs of their users. After certain timeframes this data is deleted. You can make use of cookies, the ones active on your computer, via the setting switch off in your internet browser.